We are Certified Green

Since our humble beginnings over a decade ago at Miss Talulah’s, we have had a strong desire to do what it right for this earth and environment and have taken care to recycle and reduce from the very beginning.  We continue to do that, and are always looking for ways to be Green.  It is an exciting time in the world for people who care about our environment, and new ways to be Green are popping up every day.  While it is trendy now to say all natural and Green, be assured that there is no Green washing here, our concern for the environment and landfill is sincere, heartfelt and our actions follow suit.

Some of the ways that we are green include:

  •  Recycling all boxes, packaging and paper from incoming shipments and mail
  • Using energy efficient florescent light bulbs
  • Choosing a supplier of bags and boxes that uses recycled paper
  • Using green cleaning supplies
  • Switching our power source to 100% wind power

We even have a Green section of the store that is dedicated to items like reusable bags (which are not only functional, but cute of course!) and recycled paper products.  Our sincere hope is that Green will soon become the only way of doing business in America, and that American companies become the world’s role model in Green industry.  We think it is important when making purchasing decisions to know how a company does business and that it should be a factor in where money is spent.  In other words, we encourage you to vote with your green to go Green.