Robin Lohre

The store’s Proprietress, Robin Lohre, came to Denver from San Francisco in 1999 and instantly put her almost 20 years of retail management to good use in opening Miss Talulah’s.  Soon after, Talulah Jones was born,  combining Robin’s many loves: home, gardening, and fashion.  She and her dog Fred (who received most of the press in those days) quickly worked their way into the hearts of Denver Shoppers.  Fred was a one of a kind mutt whose boisterous bark, bounce and hair charmed all who knew him.


In 2005, Robin welcomed her daughter Imogene into her life, and Gigi, as she is known by friends, has been working alongside Mommy since she was eight weeks old.  Taking pride in her position as assistant buyer, sitting with Mommy, looking over catalogs and offering her opinions, Gigi has had a great influence on the store and its product.  Beloved Fred has since passed, but the new shop dog, Aloysius, is enthusiastic about his job and loves keeping watch in his favorite spot amidst the pillows on the lovely bed beside the door.  Adored by all of our customers, Al greets one and all as they enter the store.